Customizing your RCA Universal Remote Control Using the Learning Feature

The RCA universal remote RCRP05BR has a learning feature that enables you to customize it so you can add new functions. For example, most remote control units don’t have control codes for the Samsung HT-BD1250 home theater system, and neither does the RCA universal remote, but the RCA universal remote can learn how to control this Samsung system, or just about any other system, from that system’s remote control unit. Here’s how you do it.

RCA Universal Remote RCRP05BR.

How to teach the RCA universal remote a new function

1. Place the both remotes head to head, about two inches apart. (Make sure there’s not a lot of extra light shining on them, which can interfere with them communicating with each other. Average room lighting should be OK.)

2. On the RCA universal remote, press the SETUP button until any of the five mode buttons at the top of the remote flashes two times.

3. Press 9 7 5.

4. Press the mode button that you want to teach the new function. In this example, the Samsung home theater system is a DVD player, so we’ll press the DVD button.

5. Press the button on the RCA remote to which you want to teach the new function. (In this example, we’ll assign the new function to the picture-in-picture channel decrease button in the bottom right corner.)

The mode button will start to flash very quickly. This means that the RCA universal remote is ready to learn the new function.

6. While the mode button is flashing rapidly, on the other remote, press the button that has the function that you want to teach to the RCA remote. Hold the button down until the mode key stops flashing.

7. Wait 15 seconds for your RCA universal remote to leave learning mode.


Congratulations, your RCA universal remote has learned the new function!

If you make a mistake, no problem; just start over from the beginning.

You can use the RCA universal remote to control up to five devices.


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