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Flybarless (or "FBL") flight control systems for radio controlled helicopters are revolutionizing the hobby. Now, with VBar's integrated governor, even an RC heli with an inexpensive stock ESC can have performance on par with top-of-the line brands like Castle Creations or Kontronics. The VBar (or "VStabi") governor can control both electric and nitro helicopter motors.

 Use this online calculator to determine your RC helicopter's headspeed based on the "Max. Headspeed" setting you choose in the Gov II tab of the VStabi software and your transmitter's percent throttle value.
Max. Headspeed:

To use this calcultor, enter your VBar governor's Max. Headspeed value (on the VStabi software's Gov II tab), then click Calculate.

The calculator will show you the headspeeds determined by your transmitter's percent throttle setting.

For example, if you set Max. Headspeed to 3500 but want a headspeed of 3,000, you would set your thottle to 93% (3010 RPM).

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