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Definitions of terms used in the toroid winding calculator at

AL: Inductance produced as a function of the number of coil turns. AL is uH/100 turns for iron-powder cores, and mH/1000 turns for ferrite cores.

frequency range: Frequencies over which the core material is designed to be used

mH: Abbreviation for millihenry

microhenry: One millionth of a henry, a measure of inductance. Abbreviated "uH"

millihenry: One thousandth of a henry, a measure of inductance. Abbreviated "mH"

Q: "Quality factor" - Inductive reactance divided by resistance: Q = XL/R

turn: One wire winding on a core. Each pass of the wire through the center of a core counts as one turn.

u: Electromagnetic permeability of a core. Cores with higher u values produce higher inductance. Pronounced 'mu' (the name of the Greek letter).

uH: Abbreviation for microhenry



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