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To use the toroid winding calculator

  1. Click the Material Type (ferrite or iron powder) of the core that you are using.
  2. In the Inductance box, type the desired inductance (units are millihenries for ferrite cores, or microhenries for iron powder cores).
  3. In the Core Size drop-down box, select the size of the core that you are using (for example 'T-50').
  4. In the Material Number drop-down box, select the material number of the core that you are using (for example 2 (Red)).
  5. Click Calculate.

Example To calculate the number to turns to get 1 uH with a T-50-2 core, select Iron Powder, a core size of T-50, and a material number of 2 (Red). The calculation shows that 14 turns produce 0.96 uH.



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