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Free online calculators for electronic design and health and fitness.
pH-controlled planted aquarium The pH Pages
* Information about the components used in pH measurement and control
* Build a simple, inexpensive pH meter to control CO2 injection in a planted aquarium. Adding CO2, the "limiting nutrient" in the aquatic environment, makes aquatic plants grow at astonishing rates and makes it possible to grow "difficult" plants that you could never grow before.

Diagram of homebrew aquarium CO2 generator CO2 and the Planted Aquarium
* Setting up an aquarium with CO2 injection
* Components of an aquarium with CO2 injection
Adding a reservoir to the traditional yeast CO2 generator for a steadier CO2 supply to your planted aquarium. This simple system can be placed under electronic control if desired.
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Selected weather maps and satellite images from UW Atmospheric Sciences
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Pet daycare and boarding on three grassy acres in the beautiful Methow Valley
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